A unique piece to accompany those who enjoy the rituals of herbal tea, cacao, coffee and other sacred libations.

Each of these bowls has been handmade using natural terracotta clay from our beautiful island. They have been designed to be held comfortably in your hands, covered with finely ground earth pigment that will allow you to feel a very grounding texture as you surrender to your senses. It truly feels like holding the gentle love of earth itself.

Its interior has been glazed white, to allow you to take a moment to contemplate the beauty of your offering, particularly if you are connecting with a specific plant in your ritual. White interacts beautifully with light, and brings your intention forward. It is a joy to see something as delicate as a leaf or blossom floating, suspended and held in this vessel.

Linda Pappa is an artist, designer & storyteller from Greece.
Extracting most of her inspiration from the earth’s divine energy, she is committed to cultivating her craft through the use of raw forms, texture, earth pigments and sacred meanings.She currently resides in Crete where she has a rural home and studio in the mountains. She also travels around the world on a regular basis and has pursued artistic projects, commissions and collaborations in many countries including Japan, Australia & the deserts of California.