A unique piece that can be used for contemplation & ceremony, created as an ode of worship to the sun.

Each and every one of these plates is made by hand and with loving intention, using natural terracotta clay from the heart of the island of Crete. They are also hand-decorated with earth pigments they have foraged from the mountains – providing a beautifully textured feel that makes every piece completely unique.

Linda Pappa is an artist, designer & storyteller from Greece.
Extracting most of her inspiration from the earth’s divine energy, she is committed to cultivating her craft through the use of raw forms, texture, earth pigments and sacred meanings.She currently resides in Crete where she has a rural home and studio in the mountains. She also travels around the world on a regular basis and has pursued artistic projects, commissions and collaborations in many countries including Japan, Australia & the deserts of California.