A small pillow unlike any other, handmade in Linda’s studio – created to bring you total inner peace during your meditation practice. Use this pillow when you lie down in relaxation. Lay it over your eyes – feel the weight and scent soothe your senses. Create space to travel inwards.

Made of pure linen and only natural, biodegradable materials (nothing synthetic).
Entirely handmade, hand frayed & hand bleached with a beautiful pattern painted by Linda Pappa.
Filled with flaxseed & fragrant lavender for a calming scent.
May be used hot or cold.

Linda Pappa is an artist, designer & storyteller from Greece.
Extracting most of her inspiration from the earth’s divine energy, she is committed to cultivating her craft through the use of raw forms, texture, earth pigments and sacred meanings.She currently resides in Crete where she has a rural home and studio in the mountains. She also travels around the world on a regular basis and has pursued artistic projects, commissions and collaborations in many countries including Japan, Australia & the deserts of California.