Ohara Pillow


Define luxury your way. Our Spirit pillows are an ode to the wonderful Japanese city of Kyoto. Just like Kyoto has its different districts, with each its own spirit, Jackie has a pillow for every interior. It’s your choice how you style them. Keep it serene but surprising by adding the Kyoto pillow to a minimally decorated room. Or let it be the finishing touch for your bolder, darker or more authentic space.

The smooth blend of this linen-based pillow gives your interior a tender outlook. Its softness is inviting and will elevate your home. The handmade, qualitative design and thoughtful finishing touches of the Kyoto pillow will leave you in awe.

Choose between a small or medium sized pillow and pick out the shade of the pillow’s soft linen back. Kibune is your your cream-hued ally and evokes visions of a traditional tea ceremony in the forested valley – but in your living room instead. The beige tint of the linen harmoniously resonates with the woollen front. And the clean white hue of Ohara brings a sense of comforting minimalism into the room in the most fashionable sense of the concept, in slight contrast with the pillow’s warm-toned front.

Front material: 60% linen, 38% Wool, 2% Polyester
Back material: 100% linen