Elevate your event

Maison Jackie is housed in the former monastery of the last sisters of Niel. The strongly female, spiritual energy the sisters left behind has been deliberately translated into a soulful event space.

You can book Maison Jackie for your private event, press launch, workshop or any other gathering you want to host in style. 

Welcome your guests in the spacious entrance, guide them towards the beautiful living space and provide them with tasty drinks and bites from the contiguous kitchen. The long table in front of the window is perfect for a cosy meal, but also to seat your audience for a presentation or workshop. Maison Jackie also features a terrace and a garden that will elevate your event and allow you to move outside in sunny weather.

A house of modest luxury

Maison Jackie is the ideal blend of powerful, luxurious design and soft materials, totally in line with a truly genuine house and full of natural light. We worked together with several designers, artists and creators to merge design and craftsmanship into a modestly luxurious unity. When you walk around in the house, the air is loaded with Jackie’s love for aesthetics and her eye for detail. 

Artists, designers and creators find a home in Maison Jackie by exhibiting their work through vernissages. Maison Jackie is a house of modest luxury where these creative souls can share their energy and unique style. 

Receive your guests in an exquisite space that will leave them in awe.

Location: Dorpsstraat 36, 2845 Niel
Contact booking@jackieboheme.be for pricing estimates and booking.