Creative lifestyle concepts

A sense of soulful living

Jackie’s experience in real estate and her eye for aesthetics make her engaged in unique lifestyle concepts with one goal: building communities. Her creative mind, her love for design and her slow-paced lifestyle come together to create a unique story all about living with true purpose.Jackie Bohème gives purpose to spaces, increasing its returns and (re)turning it into a space with soul. If you own one or more buildings and you would like to get the most out of them, then Jackie consciously fashions them into an innovative, creative lifestyle project, executing the idea from the very first plan to the final decorative detail. Whether it’s a place to live or a unique experience that bonds people together.Our work is built on creating lifestyle concepts with a deeper focus on our modern way of living. We don’t just start renovating or decorating. We start from a creative idea and a thoughtful community, and work towards building a bigger purpose for the space. We examine the possibilities of the building and consider what type of person and lifestyle it would appeal to. We keep this whole strategy in mind in everything we do.In a gentle and thoughtful way, we awaken the soul of a building by renovating, redecorating and giving it a unique purpose. A mind-blowing experience for a weekend hideaway? A co-working space that radiates esprit de travail? Or a soft nest for young couples? Our creativity sparks an endless amount of ideas.


JUUL is a concept for slow living, consisting of several cosy lofts. Each loft offers a warm home that allows you to put your life on hold, for a short or longer time. A place where you can recover your inner power, perhaps after a rough time such as a break-up or a particularly hectic time. Jackie Bohème created this concept and made the JUUL lofts into real me-time cocoons: minimal interiors with the right details that induce comforting, happy vibes.

Love cocoon

This house on the Markgraevelei in Antwerp was built in the 1930s, in the middle of the city’s green heart. Jackie Bohème turned it into a clean shell and rebuilt its purpose with playful materials and unconventional spaces, in sheer contrast with the authentic elements of the original building. A warm love nest for young couples – where the smell of coffee fills the crisp Sunday morning air, and cosy cuddles are a daily ritual.