Come in, come home

COMÚN brings an immersive experience An ode to nature
A spatial poem to tranquility
and the juxtaposition of rough fragility

Preserving and honoring the true nomadic culture Bringing a breath of fresh air to the island

COMÚN is a brand-new luxurious holiday estate nestled in the rough mountains of Ibiza.
A breath-taking scenery that evokes pure serenity. The finca, casita and suite offer a relaxing getaway in full privacy. A unique setting where the guests come back to [their] true nature. Whether that is during a short holiday or a long term stay.


Housed in a renovated century-old finca, conveying tradition and modernity in a delicate and harmonious manner. A sensory contrast of materials and energy, that will make you feel at home and at peace right away. Wherever you’ll find yourself in the house, nature will always surround you. Build on the foundation of a family home, it is a sanctuary free of judgment where happiness and fulfillment are shared at the table. A place where you can retreat from life in a beautiful setting.

Reconnect with the natural rhythm of life, refresh your senses and discover the power of community in a traditional farm sanctuary COMÚN is a vibrant and visually compelling Ibizenca farm in the heart of the Island’s wine region; a living testament to the importance of conserving traditional living spaces to sustain the strong communal spirit. heritage/history photographer of early ages of Ibiza back to the source.


Being a holiday rental, COMÚN does not offer any in-house hospitality services. We’ll make sure there are fresh fruits in the fridge upon arrival and that coffee, tea and flavored water or juices are always available. We invite our guests to go out and explore the local cuisine. I will share a list of my favorite restaurants, bars, shops and hidden beaches.

On request, a tailor-made holiday can be put together with activities, wellness treatments, workshops and other services. This ranges from horseback riding to a holistic massage or a spiritual reading.

Prices from 265 eur / night

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