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Chantal Arnts
The artistry of purposeful living

Those who have been following the journey of Jackie Bohème from the beginning, know that we have redefined ourselves multiple times. There’s a fine line between being ever-evolving and struggling with finding a definition for your core business. We tried defining us as an agency, as a real estate developer, as a service-driven business. We forgot that we knew how to define us all along. It was a matter of bringing together our vision and ambitions. Jackie Bohème is so much more than a brand of service, we are a philosophy, a lifestyle, a multi-sensory movement, embodying contemporary spirituality. For those who value inner peace, seek adventure and those who love. For a collective of people who dare to dream. For the modern & conscious ones who embrace all things beautiful in life. 

Our purpose is to elevate and cultivate the practice of mindful living, in any form or shape, in any aspect of your being, in any phase of your life 

Jackie Bohème slow living

A down-to-earth vision on mindful living 

Jackie Bohème brings a now age philosophy by translating a vision on mindful living into real estate & hospitality projects, gatherings and inspiring content. As modern nomads, we carefully select how to fill our dedicated time, working from wherever an opportunity takes us.  

We focus on the things in life that really matter by interweaving architecture, interior design, wellness, travel and now age ambitions. We understand that this generation is driven by the experience economy. Rather than a monetary focus, the experience economy is oriented towards personal transformation and self-discovery with a bigger focus on personal values, minimalism, and intimacy. We believe that to live a purposeful life, you must live it to the fullest. Clear from judgement, free from distraction, all in love. 

We are driven by the belief that the most important relationship we have in our lives is that with ourselves. When we are able to connect with ourselves, understand our patterns, behaviors,  preferences and needs - we can use these reflections and translate them into more aligned personal, professional and creative practices.  

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