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Linda De Wit
our sources of comfort & inspiration #3


Like Streams to the Ocean | Notes on Ego, Love, and the Things That Make Us Who We Are (Jedidiah Jenkins). This book explores the eight signposts we all face as we find our way in life: ego, family, home, friendship, love, work, death and the soul. Revealing how we can find fulfillment in the people and places around us and discover the courage to show our deepest selves to the world.


 Pachamama, Beautiful Chorus 


Soundfood is a fresh breath in the podcast world where Nitsa Citrine brings an open, intersectional dialogue on nourishment of all mediums. From conscious feminity to food and spiritual practices.


CCF Tea is an ancient Ayurvedic digestive tea blend made of cumin seeds, coriander seeds and fennel seeds. Gently soothing the digestive system, it's perfect to sip during your moon days.


The Clarity Kit is a do-it-yourself personal retreat. Step-by-step, you’ll clear the mental clutter and find clarity about who you really are. When you understand yourself, you can confidently choose the life or career that is right for you

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