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Meet the maker | Veronica Demarest

From the early days of Jackie Bohème, Veronica aka Coach V has been by my side to support me in all my endeavors and to give me her unbiased insights and advice. In this issue on intuitive entrepreneurship, it was only logical to put this incredible woman and business coach in the spotlight.

meet the maker coach V

Veronica, tell us something about your mission and work

It's my mission in life to support entrepreneurs to build a business tailor-made for them. A business that lights them up and supports them in the life they want to lead, instead of building their life around their professional needs. I profoundly believe it not only makes their lives more fulfilled, but that it creates a ripple effect on those around them, and ultimately the world. I hope to be a role model for my daughter, and show her it's possible to love what you do, live a rich life and make a positive impact. 

If your loved ones would describe you, what would they tell us? 

I think they see me as strong, fierce and loving. Like a lioness - don't mess with me or my loved ones. Big-hearted and intense. No nonsense. Sharp humor. And I love to just lounge around. So actually exactly like a lioness (laughs)

Where would you take us on a soulcation

I'd love to go to Costa Rica one day. I have this clear vision in my head of an inspiring apartment between the treetops, with a spacious wooden front deck overlooking the jungle, and the sound of a waterfall in the distance. I love being near water. My childhood bedroom overlooked a canal. I used to get up in the middle of the night during storms, to watch the downpour onto the water. So any soulcation I'd take you on would definitely include water. 

What can we find on your nightstand or desk? 

Something to write on and something to write with. Always. I mostly reflect in writing. And whenever ideas come to me, I have to have something nearby to write them down. I recently discovered the dictaphone function on my smartphone - way easier and quicker in bed. But I still strongly relate to paper. There's something transformational in stroking a page, breathing in and then putting pen to paper.

What’s the first thing you did this morning? 

I talked and played with my four-year-old. My partner and I take turns in getting up with her. She makes up elaborate stories. Sometimes I don't have the headspace or patience for it, but this morning we made up an entire scenario about fish and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She makes up the craziest sh*t and just changes the storyline and characters as she sees fit. I love how free and unbound her mind works.

Do you have a favorite ritual? 

Coffee. We don't have a coffeemaker. I love pouring the hot water into the filter and the aroma that ensues. I drink coffee during most of my coaching calls. I wrap my fingers around the cup and feel the heat. It helps me stay embodied and present. 

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, or have lost your focus temporarily, what do you do? 

Breathe. Take five. Get up from my desk and ask myself "what really matters at this moment?". 

I have to have some input-free time in order to regain perspective and focus, but I love to consume knowledge. So in moments of overwhelm, it's a challenge for me to get clear and put away all sources of external knowledge and just focus on the wisdom within. But it always pays off when I do. 

What/who inspires you? 

I have extremely inspiring clients. It sounds cliché - but I feel privileged to work with them. I see these brave fierce action-taking women and I'm in awe. My job is to make them more of who they already are. Give them permission to do what truly fits them. And then I get to see them go into the world and change it. Fenomenal.

And of course... My four-year-old. She can walk into a room as if she owns the place. I would love to embody that kind of unapologeticness.  I love that word, unapologetic. Not stopping to adjust to what anyone else might think, and just acting and talking in a way that comes most natural, that's purely sourced from within. We could all do with a daily dose of "four-year-oldness"

Do you have some good advice for our readers? 

Make your business and life 100% your own. If you don't know where to begin: lean into whatever it is that lights a fire in your soul. There are no rules, no limitations. Only those you construct in your mind. Don't wait for the confidence, the perfect circumstances, the permission slip, the feeling of being ready. 

Go within. Act. Learn from the results. Repeat. 

Go. There is only now.


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